About Buddha Belly Yoga and Wellness Edmonton Yoga Studio Massage Reiki Aromatherapy Fitness Metaphysical Store

What is Buddha Belly?

Buddha Belly is “Soul Medicine”.
It opens your heart & lifts you up.
It reminds you to shine your light.

The studio is your home away from home.
It is cozy and welcoming. You will always be greeted with a smile.

Buddha Belly aspires to add something beneficial to your existence, something brighter, something warmer, and something more full of love.

Our mission at Buddha Belly is to provide a safe, loving, non-judgmental space for healing and self-exploration to begin; whether that is on a spiritual, physical, mental or emotional level.

It is a place where you can step away from the adversities that you are facing in life and feel supported while working through them. When we are experiencing a difficult period of our life, it is not uncommon that we may feel overwhelmed with new changes, unsettled thoughts and emotions, and need a place to land. Buddha Belly is a place where you can feel loved and supported by your like-minded community. Whether you are in a growth phase and committed to your expansion or just don’t resonate with the “old” self or people in your life, you will find friends here who can relate. Here you’ll find your tribe, a community of conscious people gathering.

We embrace the values of diversity – varied body types and fitness levels and physical limitations, culture, ethnicity, gender, religion, and sexual orientation – all which contribute to you as a unique person.

It is a place where you can forget about your jam-packed schedules, worries and responsibilities and get back in touch with your higher self and commit to your growth by finding some stillness.

It is our hope that each time you leave our studio, that you find yourself feeling more whole then when you got here.

Our motto is “you can never come here upset and still manage to leave upset.” That is the profound effect that Buddha Belly has on a deep energetic level.

We have 5 golden rules at Buddha Belly:

1. Be kind ALWAYS to everyone in the studio.
2. Smile! and if you can, try to make a friend.
3. Be mindful and respectful to the space of your peers.
4. Make someone’s day brighter (compliment, hug)
5. Shine your light and be your beautiful unique self.

Our Mission

It is our mission to empower you to take charge of your wellbeing so that you can transform into best version of yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually.

As we heal, grow and reach more profound states of consciousness, our hope is that this will create a ripple effect where we influence each other to make the world a better place.The work we do together as a tribe raises the vibration of the planet and connects each person with the magic in their soul.

Within our sanctuary like environment, our goal is that each time you leave a class, treatment or workshop you find yourself feeling clearer, healthier or whole.

Meet Melanie

Melanie Belley Cosens Owner of Buddha Belly Yoga and Wellness Edmonton Yoga Studio Massage Reiki Aromatherapy Fitness Metaphysical Store

Founder and Owner of Buddha Belly Yoga and Wellness Inc.
Entrepreneur, Yoga Teacher
Intuitive & Empath, Reiki Master, BodyTalk Practitioner, Crystal Healer
Soul Coach, Spiritual Teacher
Animal Activist, Environmentalist, Humanitarian, Foodie

When you don’t see Mel around the studio or in a yoga class, you can find her reading on spirituality & metaphysics (or audiobooks), cooking up a storm, gardening, camping, at the lake, creating, writing, or spending time in nature with her puppies.

Our Story

Melanie Belley Cosens Owner of Buddha Belly Yoga and Wellness Edmonton Yoga Studio Massage Reiki Aromatherapy Fitness Metaphysical StoreThe foundational principals and business model behind Buddha Belly Yoga and Wellness are based on Melanie’s desire for entrepreneurship and her personal initiative to make impacts in her community and the lives of those around her.

For years, Melanie could not find a “home studio” that resonated. During her own healing and spiritual journey, Melanie spent years longing for a community that had like minded people that blended yoga with holistic services and spirituality. She knew that if these practices changed her life, it could potentially change the lives of so many more. After being openly honest about the way she felt, she started to meet and attract others who felt the same way. Melanie decided that it was up to her to create that space for her community. She promised herself in 2012 that this would be her 10 year plan. However, it turned out that the universe had its own plan and Buddha Belly was to be born 5 years sooner than planned. Melanie spent several years working hard in the corporate world as a Paralegal, and despite her success still felt unfulfilled and unhappy. She knew her life purpose was out there waiting for her. Melanie decided it was time for a change. She was looking for a change that would enable her to make an impact, live with purpose and touch the lives of others. Armed with certifications in Yoga, Reiki and BodyTalk, Melanie built and launched a private wellness studio in her basement offering holistic services and classes. After experiencing initial success and recognizing her talents to lead, Melanie decided to commit to launching a standalone studio that would enable her to help more people, create a team, and build a community. Melanie is committed to teach others how to live a lifestyle of wellness and spirituality.

Buddha Belly is a vision that has been guided to Melanie, from a higher place; a meditative and intuitive space. Melanie simply listened and took the guided action.

Melanie differentiates her studio by bringing spirituality into the studio. She also wanted to be diverse by offering an array of retail products, meditation, both hot and regular yoga with a variety of styles, a more enhanced workshop offering, and by integrating education, holistic health and wellness practices into the studio.

This collaborative approach to the studio’s services enables it to leverage the unique talents, and capabilities of the teachers and practitioners to support each other, share knowledge, and focus on serving more people. All of the light combined from each team member and student is really what makes the impact which creates a ripple effect out into the world around us.