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1. Lower Stress Levels

We all experience stress in our lives, its inevitable. A key to living a happy life is learning to manage stress. Yoga, especial hot yoga, allows for the release of energy that causes tension within our body that can be built up by stress. As we commit and deepen our practice, stress drips away with the sweat off our brow and we are able to re-enter the world as a more compassionate and functional being.

2. Increased Flexibility

Flexibility is more then being able to touch your toes, it is also in the way we are able to gracefully live our lives. At times we encounter unexpected life changes, and being flexible supports us in coping and accepting such changes. As we are more flexible on our mat, we are also more flexible off it.

3. Improved Brain Function and Focus

Our brains are said to be the most powerful tool we have in our lives. Its claimed that “what we think about we bring about”. As we deepen our practice we also deepen our mental facility. As we focus our minds in the present moment while moving through asanas, we are training our brain to do the same when we have other tasks at hand.

4. Anxiety Relief

Anxiety has become one of the most common words of our generation and the generations after us. Hot yoga is a natural remedy that has been found to reduce anxiety and increase the necessary chemicals, such as serotonin and dopamine that have been proven to best combat depression and other anxiety-related disorders.

5. Increase Mindfulness

Mindfulness brings depth to our lives. As we tune into what is going on within us, we are able to notice more of what is going on around us and our perceptions completely change. Yoga opens the door to our core, to who we are at our depths, revealing to us blockages, our relationship to pain, our relationship to our bodies and so much more. We are so beautifully and naturally forced to raise our awareness during a hot yoga class, that mindfulness an easier state of being for the rest of our day.

6. Improved Lung Capacity

Breath. It moves through us, and yet it moves us through our lives. The connection between mental, emotional and physical health is breath. As we expand our lung capacity through the practice of hot yoga we train ourselves to use our breath in mindful ways. In our daily lives we can use breath as a tool to transport us through any exterior circumstances with calmness and clarity.

7. Healthy Weight

Though yoga can help with weight loss, it is really about the unity of our health; mind, body and soul. As we practice, our self image gradually changes to be more nurturing and accepting. Once our perception changes, our views on weight change. This is when your practice becomes about being connected to the light, living from your heart and highest potential, and being an all around healthy person.

8. Stronger Muscles and Bones

Building strength in hot yoga happens so naturally. As a practice it produces the fastest results of any exercise when it comes to an increase of overall flexibility and strength. One can notice from one class to the next strength increasing. But to add to the increase of muscle, a study was done in 2009 that found the increase in bone density in older adults that practiced hot yoga as well.

9. Release of Toxins

No matter what it is that you put into your body, hot yoga will make you sweat it out. You will sweat out the cake you had for dessert, any water that you consumed prior to class, and everything else. It goes a step further by making you sweat out toxic emotions, situations you have been holding onto and anything else that is not serving you in a very graceful and natural way. Let yourself let go.

10. Being Part Of A Healthy Community

The yoga community is one of the friendliest and most welcoming communities there is out there. No matter where you go to on earth, if it’s your own back yard or across the world, if you are looking for a sanctuary, head into a yoga studio and practice. Say hello to your neighbour. You have no idea how the relationship can blossom, but what you do know, is that you are on your mat with a similar foundation and a desire to connect with self and others.

Do we have you convinced yet as to how truly amazing hot yoga is for your well being?

Buddha Belly Yoga and Wellness Edmonton would love to have you join us and dive into your own personal practice. We would also love to hear from you if there are any benefits that you personally have experienced and would like to add to this list let us know.