This Deep Stretch & Serenity is a slow practice that incorporates numerous stretching postures down on the mat to facilitate an overall stretch for the body, while providing an opportunity to quiet the mind. In today’s fast paced world, our lives tend to be bombarded with the stresses of day to day life. Our muscles & minds need time to unwind and reset, in order for us to maintain optimum health. This class is excellent for those wanting to slow down & deepen their flexibility + mobility + mindfulness of their yoga practice.

What to expect: Yoga Poses + stretches all done on the floor (seated or laying down) 

Level: All Levels, Everyone Welcome. Beginner Friendly.

Intensity: Calming, Slow and Still


Yin yoga emphasizes gently stretching deep tissues, ligaments, fascia, joints and bones. It also works with the energetic channels of the meridians, nerves and blood system.

This is a deep, meditative and often profound practice that is held in the beautiful calming ambiance of a candlelit room. The Yin style involves surrendering into deep stretching floor poses and exploring them for longer periods of time to let go of tensions stored in the body and to calm the nervous system.

This class is perfect for any time of the day but especially great before bed or on a Friday after a stressful week of sitting at a desk, as a date night for yourself/you & your partner, or on a Sunday night to prep you for the work week.

Most students like to double up by attending a cardiovascular class first such as Hatha or Flow followed by Yin right after as the icing on the cake bringing you into a yin & yang balance.​

Level: All Levels, Beginner Friendly

Intensity/Mood: Meditative, Calming, Slow and Still

HARMONY (candlelight)

Breathe in. Breathe out. Harmoniously move through a soulful sequence in a candlelit room that will balance you and connect you to your highest self through your mind, body, breath and heart. This class is consciously designed to stretch your full body, develop strength, flexibility and balance. 

Leave class feeling clear, rejuvenated and blissed out from the serenity of candlelight and a deeply healing yoga practice. 

What you can expect in this class: Focused on both the inner connection and outer exploration, this class is a blend of relaxing, stretching, and strengthening yoga postures (seated, laying down, standing), relaxation/Savasana, guided meditation, breathing and grounding practices. 

Mood: Peaceful, while also Energetically Stimulating 

Levels : All Levels


An invigorating practice where we will flow through asanas (postures) in sequence with your breath in a dynamic practice honoring alignment and the building of your own inner heat.

What to expect: A sweaty, fiery class done mostly standing. Focus on strength, stamina, cardio, balance.

Intensity: Fast paced & great way to blow off some steam

Who can attend?: those who are looking for a challenge


This class is based on traditional hatha yoga. In this class, students can expect to move through a variety of asanas (postures) while paying mindful attention to the alignment of the body and their breath. Variations and modifications for postures are always offered and explored to ensure that this class is accessible to all levels of practitioners.

Focus: strength, stamina, balance, breath, improving flexibility, mindfulness
Mood: Both invigorating and relaxing
Intensity: Mixed. All levels.


Add a little fire into your day with this Hatha Strength and Core class. This class has extra emphasis on developing core, strength, balance and stability.

Through consistent practice, this class will strengthen your muscles and improve flexibility + balance + alignment + overall posture.

Intensity: All levels modifications but provides lots of challenge!
Mood: Invigorating with rest at the end



Pre-Natal Yoga

This program is focused on the physical yoga asanas (postures) to help alleviate common pregnancy discomforts and prepare for the physical aspects of labor and delivery. The class content has been designed to accommodate all trimesters and all experience levels. Childbirth preparation and education topics (optimal fetal positioning, anatomically favorable birthing positions, pelvic floor preparedness and recovery, etc.) will also be covered.​ Classes run 6 weeks at a time, each time with different information to ensure that you can attend more than one cycle ?

Level: All Levels & All Trimesters

Intensity: Mixed