Vaccination Proof:  In order to attend class in person you will be required to show proof of your double vaccination along with your Identification. Once we have verified you, we will keep it on your file with an alert that you have been verified and so we won't ask you each time. Alternatively, please provide a Exemption letter from your doctor or negative Covid test within 48 hours. 

Class minimums: Classes must have a minimum of 3 sign ups in order to run. Classes will be cancelled the night before around 10pm if sign ups are not at the minimum, so we ask you do your best to sign up the day before for classes. Thank you for your understanding. 

Masks: are required in common areas such as the lobby + washrooms but you CAN take them off while you are in class. AHS does not recommend exercising with a mask. 

Sign up/Payment: it is mandatory that you sign up and pay online ahead of time. No in person registrations at the studio are permitted at this time, we kindly appreciate your willingness to pay and register online. If you have questions or need assistance over the phone please call 780-249-9642, we are happy to help!

Cancellation/no show Policy for in person classes: No shows will be charged a $20 fee for missing class or 1 class pass. You can cancel up to 4 hours before class. We only have limited spots available so we ask you to be very diligent about cancellations so that we can offer the space to a student on the waitlist if you can't come. :)

Arrival time: Please arrive no earlier than 20 minutes to class.

Cleaning: Rest assured that we are following proper protocols when it comes to keeping Buddha Belly clean and safe! We will continue to use disinfectants that are approved by AHS. Hand sanitizer is available in many places around the studio. Individual clean hand towels are provided in the bathrooms. We also ask that you help us do your part by making sure your yoga mat and props are sanitized as well before and after coming to class.

Distancing in the yoga rooms:  Each mat will be 6feet apart. You will have plenty of room to yourself. There are markers on the floor to designate you to your properly measured spot ensuring that there is a good amount of space between each student. 

Air exchange: we have an air exchange system that allows fresh air into the yoga rooms from outside while extracting the stale air from the room.

Props: Please come prepared for your yoga class with your yoga mat and yoga props. We do recommend having your own. If you do not have your own, we can lend you ours but we only have a limited amount available. We have a boutique where you can purchase your own yoga props and mats.