NOTICE #4 – September 23, 2021
Good news. Interesting change of events this morning. The landlord I have come up with an agreement that I can stay here in the building for another 6 months, and then I will be moving across the parking lot to another empty building here and we will have a brand new re-designed place, we get to stay in the neighborhood and have more reasonable rent. PHEW. Everyone wins. It will take us 6-8 months after everything is all said and done… and before we move into the new building but I am beyond relieved that we have a solution, everyone gets to keep their jobs, the students get to keep their studio. I can go to sleep happy tonight.

NOTICE #3 – September 20, 2021
RE: New AHS Restriction exemptions program

The rules are very arbitrary, unclear and contradicting. I am waiting for more clarification. Today these are the rules I am posting. This may change over the next few days. Please check back again. Thank you for your patience. I would like to find a way for everyone to be included still.

When I opened Buddha Belly, I built it on the promise that it would always be a safe, inclusive, non-discriminating place. For this reason it deeply saddens and sickens me to feel backed into a corner and forced alienate one part of my community. I feel like I am damned if I do, damned if I don’t. I am going to be upsetting parts of my community either way. Please forgive me. It hurts me to be in this position.

I care unconditionally for all of you. No matter what. My opinions about you do not change regardless of your stance.

Businesses have taken such a destructive hit from Covid and are all hanging on by a thread. If we want to save our businesses in general, and for Buddha Belly to last long into the future, we need to comply with these restrictions.  

We will continue to offer online classes for those that are unable to join us in person.

I am so very sorry that we will be missing half of our community.

In order to attend in person classes at Buddha Belly:
Please email a picture of  the following:
1) proof of vaccination (1st dose between Sept 20 – Oct 25 administered 2 weeks prior to your class. After Oct 25 must present proof of double vax); or
2) a negative rapid covid test within 72 hours of service; or
3) your Medical Exemption from your physician.

Please email your document to – In order to have smooth transition between classes we do require your documents in advance so as not to overwhelm the teachers. We only require this proof once as we will keep the copy on your electronic file.

Masking is necessary in the lobby and common areas at Buddha Belly but can be removed during class.

Buddha Belly will continue to follow AHS cleaning protocol. We will continue to maintain 6 feet apart between mats for your peace of mind.

Please note once class begins the doors will be locked. In order to get to class please arrive the latest 5 minutes before in order to make the proper start time.

NOTICE #2: September 19, 2021 – RE: Moving

From the bottom of my heart thank you for all of the kindness and patience that everyone has shown the past few days. A friend of mine has been so gracious to allow us to use his building while I figure things out. We can decide to stay long term or find something else when things settle down. It is not finalized completely yet as I need to deal with zoning and permits still but so far we are on to something great. If all goes through we will even have a garden and green area to do outdoor yoga classes in the summer. The rent is more than reasonable and the landlords are flexible, they really stand behind me and believe in my vision and want to help me see it through. It will however, undoubtedly be a big downgrade from our beautiful high end space, but with due time we will get our cash flow going again and hopefully be able to renovate in the future. With things so up in the air with Buddha Belly moving, with Covid, the current state of the world, and with our business model potentially changing and shifting, I understand it may be causing stress for the members. I am so very sorry for that. I know this is as much of a loss for you as it is for me. It was a great asset to this community and I know it will be missed. Many may be concerned if they currently have passes invested with us and I want to make sure you know that I will always make things right so that you are not at a loss. I care so much about you and would not have a wonderful business without the community, customers and team. I hope you can trust that I have built this vision once before and I will do it again it just might take some time and patience to figure out what Buddha Belly 2.0 is going to be going forward. It is certainly a blank canvas at the moment and that in itself is actually exciting. A lot of faith and trust is required. But everything will be okay <3 Before I started Buddha Belly believe it or not I have a much bigger and different vision, but they way the cards fell it got tailored ALOT to suite the current space we are in. So going forward I do feel that I have a chance to make my initial dreams come true.

If for some reason, one of you is interested in taking over this location of Buddha Belly, I am of course open to this in order to save this sacred space for the capilano community. But I feel in my heart personally that the universe is guiding me towards opening another grander version of Buddha Belly in another building. There is so much up in the air right now but I trust that everything is happening for a reason and what is meant to be will find its way.

I hope you are all well, and I trust that you are getting through these hard times by extending yourself so much compassion, rest, love, patience and trust.


NOTICE #1: September 16, 2021

Thank you for your patience right now while we come up with solutions and get a better idea of what is required from us.

Please come to class for the next few days and we will re-announce what’s happening going forward Sunday.

Here is what we are working against at the current moment:

1. The government announced that we have either have to comply to passports and only operate at 1/3 capacity or shut down completely.

2. My landlord sold my building last week without my knowing and without any warning. I am extremely thrown off guard and shocked. I am also unfortunately almost at the end of my lease so I have nothing protecting me. The new Landlord informed me yesterday that I will need to pay more rent than I am paying or I need to move out in 2 weeks. He is not willing to help us at this time and as a business during these restrictions and constant rollercoasters of shut downs this year it has been very difficult to pay the rent and expenses. I will no longer be able to manage the high cost of rent for this building. So… here we are people. We are moving out in the middle of a crisis and hard financial times already as it is.

Thank you for your patience while I figure out solutions to these problems. I am still in shock and processing whats in front of me.

I am so sorry for the stress that everyone is under right now. It is such an unbelievable situation happening in the world and hard to wrap your mind around, let alone, your studio is now closing and moving out of the neighborhood. Please know I am dedicated to figuring this out no matter what. Sending love and hugs your way.


Note: Classes must have a minimum of 3 sign ups in order to run. Classes will be cancelled the night before around 10pm if sign ups are not at the minimum, so we ask you do your best to sign up the day before for classes. Thank you for your understanding.

Masks are mandatory. Masks need to be worn in class and outside of class.

Sign up/Payment: it is mandatory that you sign up and pay online ahead of time. No in person registrations at the studio are permitted at this time, we kindly appreciate your willingness to pay and register online. If you have questions or need assistance over the phone please call 780-249-9642, we are happy to help!

Cancellation/no show Policy for in person classes: No shows will be charged a $20 fee for missing class or 1 class pass. You can cancel up to 4 hours before class. We only have limited spots available so we ask you to be very diligent about cancellations so that we can offer the space to a student on the waitlist if you can't come. :)

Arrival time: Please arrive no earlier than 20 minutes to class.

Cleaning: Rest assured that we are following proper protocols when it comes to keeping Buddha Belly clean and safe! We will continue to use disinfectants that are approved by AHS. Hand sanitizer is available in many places around the studio. Individual clean hand towels are provided in the bathrooms. We also ask that you help us do your part by making sure your yoga mat and props are sanitized as well before and after coming to class.

Distancing in the yoga rooms:  there are markers on the floor to designate you to your properly measured spot ensuring that there is a good amount of space between each student.

Air exchange: we have an air exchange system that allows fresh air into the yoga rooms from outside while extracting the stale air from the room.

Props: Please come prepared for your yoga class with your yoga mat and yoga props. We do recommend having your own. If you do not have your own, we can lend you ours but we only have a limited amount available. We have a boutique where you can purchase your own yoga props and mats. Here is a link to our online store: