Closing & Reopening Confusion

Okay. Things got a little confusing and weird there for a minute. Thanks COVID.

The government announced (with only a few hours notice) that studios were no longer able to run group fitness, so all of us yoga studios in Alberta shut down our studios to in person classes. BUT THEN the very next day, clarified that we are actually now allowed to have 4 people plus an instructor for in person classes. OY! What strange and contradicting times we are living in. You are probably asking “how does one sustain a business with 4 people in a class?” Well…It doesn’t.
However, we are going to roll with it anyways and hope that the live-streaming option is what will sustain us through this roller coaster ride.

So, while we run in person classes (with only 4 people in them), the teacher will ALSO be live streaming the class at the same time so that you can join in right from home on your computer, laptop, iPhone or iPad. All your regular passes and memberships apply to online classes. You sign up as usual through our website or Mindbody app and then a link to the class will be sent to you 30 minutes before class. If for some reason you don’t get a link, call us ASAP 780-249-9642. Thanks in advance for your patience.

To schedule your class, book now on the Mindbody app or CALL US AT 780-249-9642 or visit

If you need an extension on an unlimited pass you had when before our first lockdown, please respond to this email so I can set you up with an extension and access to live and in studio classes.

If you have an unlimited yoga membership the bonus is that you get a FREE on demand video library where you can access pre-recorded videos from our team from anywhere at anytime. We will have regular 60 minute classes but have also added some 15 minute, 30 minute classes as well as meditations for your time convenience! We’re feeling excited about that.

You will notice, I myself am not on the schedule anymore but rest assured, once I have worked out all these kinks you will find me back up there and in the Video on Demand Library.

Another good note, is that our lovely Sophia will be joining in with us from the United Kingdom to teach classes which is very exciting! We are so happy to be able to somehow have her on our team still, from afar. Her classes will be added in tomorrow.

We also have 3 new great teachers joining us, Scott, Bailey and Rian! We are sooo thrilled to have them on the team. So be sure to give them a warm welcome when you see them. We have a few more staff joining us soon, we will keep you posted.

I just want to say a BIG thank you to Terri for all of her help this week. You have truly been a saving grace. I couldn’t have done it without your support!

Thanks for everyone’s support in general and extra big thanks to the teachers for just being awesome in general but also for switching gears so fast and being willing to learn a new setup and teach online classes.

Things may not be normal and they may be hectic, but you know what? I am beyond blessed and grateful to have all of YOU (customers, staff and other supporters) written into my weird “covid movie”.

Sending all of my love and hugs your way. I wish you and your families well.

I hope to see you tomorrow in those live classes people! ? ❤



Melanie and Buddha Belly xo

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