This is just a small sampling of the amazing feedback we’ve received from clients. Please check out our Reviews on Facebook to read them all!

“Atmosphere, instructors, layout all really special. And they have massage too. I will tell you all about it once I try it. I’m with some of the other reviewers, I could gush but they’ve covered pretty much everything. I do appreciate the personal touches such as WONDERFUL personal blend teas, hair elastics, toiletries, shampoo, conditioner and the foot lockers rock.”

~ Marilee Barry

“Love the Energy of this place.I have done massage and Intuition reading it was incredible.The owner is so sweet and the positive energy is so beautiful!I have done yoga for years at many different studios and highly recommend this vibe.

~ Shaneen Marie Kendall

“This is a lovely studio – both aesthetically and energy-wise. There are many different kinds of classes, hot, warm and room-temp options, the teachers are all competent, knowledgeable and genuine. It isn’t yet another one of those pretentious/snotty yoga studios. No one has any overtly obvious insecurity issues that really should be addressed in therapy. Which is fun. And rare. There are students of all practice levels – so there’s no reason to feel intimidated or self-conscious. They usually hand out lemon-grass scented towels during Savasana, the lighting is pretty awesome, the music is always nice, and candle-lit really does mean candle-lit (for real candles). If you need supplies (yoga mats, anti-slip towels, bolsters, belts, essential oils, etc) they have a cute little built-in shop. Showers, lockers that lock (!), and someone is always manning the reception desk – so, no security concerns. Also, they carry elastics and bobby-pins in the change room – which is a nice touch. You get the idea. My favourite yoga studio. No contest.”

~ Natalie Contour

“This is honestly the best studio I have been to in a very long time. The environment both in the studio rooms and the lounge/reception area is amazing. It’s really clean, and smells great with whatever essential oil they have diffusing that day. They have the coolest ambient lighting in the rooms. The teachers are really great and embody what they are teaching. One of my fave parts is the cool lemongrass scented face towel they give out after a hot class. I will definitely keep coming back!”

~ Brittany Anne

“This studio is amazing! The owner is exceptional!! The staff are super friendly and helpful. The colors are uplifting and lighting is very soothing! Did I mention it smells terrific and is super clean? I love the beginner and Yin classes. The massage therapists are super good too! It’s a class act all around! Happy and positive energy!! Go check it out!!!”

~ Lynne Maisonneuve Vick

“This is such a fantastic studio! I love the environment of Buddha Belly, and the owners are wonderful people. This place gives off such a great vibe, it’s easy to really let tension go, and the classes and instructors are terrific. I recently got a massage from their in-studio massage therapist Devon, and she is such an amazing personality! She was warm and comfortable, and the massage changed the course of my week for the better. I highly recommend the studio, as it’s cozy and easily my favourite of all the studios I’ve been to.”

~ Baileigh Rai